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crossFIXE Hands Creme 1.3 oz

crossFIXE Hands Creme
crossFIXE Hands Creme

  • crossFIXE Hands Creme
  • crossFIXE Hands Creme
  • crossFIXE Hands Creme


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Product Description

Soothes, moisturises, and maintains your skin before and after training whether it's from gymnastics, power lifting, rock climbing, cross training, functional fitness, etc.

crossFIXE HANDS is specifically designed to absorb quickly, soothe pain, provide maintenance, and stimulate rapid skin recovery. This is a creamy version of the crossFIXE HANDS tubes.

It soaks it so fast and leaves the skin feeling conditioned for a long time. It also seems to help greatly with any skin pain. Use it every where.

  • It works!
  • Truly natural - "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin"™

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Customer feedback

Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Che H
    We came in looking for something to help with my gymnast's ripped hands. We left with exactly what we need and her hands are great now. Its great and doesn't leave a nasty residue. Thank you so much for your help. We will be back!

  • Author: Tracy S
    Helps my hands when there might not be actual open rips but when you gave just general ache and burning from lots of barbell and pull up action

  • Author: Alex
    I literally can't stop smelling my skin when I use this. A little bit on the sore palms and fingertips, soaks in really fast and takes away the skin pain. I use it on my face too. LOVE IT!!! Thank you! My mini tube and creme now have a love affair. :)

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