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Ervy Classic Lack Shine Hair Scrunchie (Orange)

Ervy Classic Lack Shine Hair Scrunchie (Orange)
Ervy Classic Lack Shine Hair Scrunchie (Orange)

  • Ervy Classic Lack Shine Hair Scrunchie (Orange)


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Product Description

Classic Ervy Lack Shine Orange coloured scrunchie. Ideal for wearing in your hair for competitions or training, you can buy a scrunchie to match every Ervy leotard!

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  • Ervy Flame Leotard (Aubergine, Kiwi and Silver)

    Aubergine Lack Shine leotard, the Flame is defined by its regular pattern with a kiwi and silver flame like pattern spreading from the top and bottom of the leotard across the front. 

  • Ervy Ballada 3/4 Sleeved Leotard (Black)

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  • Ervy Giulia Leotard (Black Cherry, Kiwi and White)

    Black Cherry Lack shine sleeveless Leotard, the Giulia is defined by its regular pattern. Its asymmetrical tricolour provides a sporty look whilst maintaining its elegance through the curvature of the bands.

  • Ervy Fabia Long Sleeved Leotard (Black and Green)

    Black and Green Lack Shine Long Sleeved Leotard. The Fabia is defined by its regular pattern with scattered crystals all over the sleeves and spreading from the top all the way down the front of the body. 

  • Ervy Ebony Leotard (Petrol and Black)

    Petrol and Black Lack Shine Leotard. The Ebony is defined by its regular pattern, with a sequins or rhinestone motif in two colours bringing an elegance to the leotard. 

  • Ervy Bess Leotard (Black and Grenade)

    Super Gloss Black and Granade short sleeved leotard. The Bess is defined by its regular pattern. With an Asymmetrical pattern down each side of the leotard and silver rhinestone crystals across the chest of the leotard. 


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