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Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Gymnast Chalk Ball and 100g of Chunky Chalk

gymnast chalk by Gorilla Grip
gymnast chalk by Gorilla Grip

  • gymnast chalk by Gorilla Grip
  • gymnastic chalk Gorilla Grip
  • gymnastic chalk powder gorilla grip


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Product Description

Gymnast Chalk

Made from 100% pure magnesium carbonate, the chunky gymnastic chalk ball from Gorilla Grip unlocks a whole host of benefits for gymnasts. Also suitable for use in rock climbing, weight lifting, athletics (including shot put, javelin and hammer throw) and other sports, the chalk ball is a white solid that uses this simple yet effective mineral to promote superior performance as well as safety. This product is often referred to as gym chalk.

Magnesium carbonate is a natural mineral that acts on the skin to create a drying effect. MgC02 actively absorbs sweat to ensure a strong and reliable grip when handling equipment. It’s important to remember however, that the Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Chunky Chalk Ball is entirely different from the chalk used on blackboards and in baby powder. These types of chalk don’t absorb sweat, enhance friction or increase grip strength.

The benefits for gymnasts with Gorilla Grip Gymnastic Chalk

As we’ve mentioned, gym chalk absorbs sweat that can make gripping equipment, such as high bars, uneven bars and parallel bars, difficult. Chalk can also be applied to increase grip strength when using the pommel horse and rings. In addition to applying chalk to your hands, chalk can also be used on the legs to improve grip further.

Chalk application ensures the safe use of all apparatus. Accidents can easily happen without chalk and hands should be powdered to ensure a more reliable and better grip. Whilst there is no legal requirement for the use of chalk in gymnastics, studies have proven that safety is dramatically improved. However, gymnasts are not permitted to apply chalk directly to the equipment, instead dusting of the hands and feet should take place prior to performance.

Chalk Ball or block?

There are many gym chalk products available on the market, however, knowing which one is right for you is important. Magnesium carbonate tends to come in three forms – powder, block or liquid. Whilst the powdered chalk is the most commonly used product, the application of this can be particularly messy and many gyms operate strict policies on the use of the powdered product. The powdered products are also known as loose bulk chalk.

Liquid chalk, available as a lotion or spray, involves less mess and is also suitable for use in commercial gyms and competitions. The chalk block however unlocks a number of advantages for gymnasts compared with both the liquid and powdered forms.

The Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Chunky Gymnastic Chalk Ball takes the block product to the very next level delivering a more convenient shape for even application. The efficiency of the chalk ball also means less waste so that the product itself goes further and lasts longer. The chalk ball can also be stored easily. Due to its longevity and easy storage, the chalk ball is rising in popularity, whilst the porous fabric bag prevents you from breathing in or spilling the loose powder within.

Tips for choosing a gym chalk product

The drying agent in chalk is what gymnasts and other sportspeople use it for, however, in many cases a product can be too drying. The intense drying effect can cause discomfort, and many harsh blocks, powders and liquids fall into this category. Try before you buy where possible to ensure that the drying effect is as desired and provides a comfortable amount of grip for you.

Choosing a chalk product that can be easily stored and transported is also important, whilst easy application also ensures a product goes further in a gym or competition environment. Chalk balls are particularly convenient for easy storage and access.

Why choose Gorilla Grip Hand Chalk?

Made from 100% magnesium carbonate, the Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Chunky Chalk Ball provides the highest quality gym chalk product in town. As well as being hassle and mess free, it is also safe and easy to apply. The Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Chunky Chalk Ball comes with a 100g refill, meaning your product can go further and you can continue to reap the rewards in the gym or arena.

Offering better value for money and more comfortable sweat absorption, you’ll never want to go back to the cheap and powdery chalk product again!

Superior performance pure magnesium carbonate in loose powder and chunky bits wrapped inside a refillable ball. 

Our Chalk is suitable and safe for Gymnastics use, Rock Climbing, Weight Lifting, Athletics and all other sports.

  • 100% Pure magnesium carbonate.
  • Less mess and is safe, smooth and easy to apply (can be easily opened up for more chalk).
  • Re-fillable chalk ball is easy to use.
  • Never need to use the cheap, dry, powdery chalk that others sell in block form or otherwise.

Better value than block chalk and weighs in at 56g and comes with 100g of chunky chalk. 015 ***

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