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Gymnastics Kinetic Bands

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Product Description

Resistance training involves any exercise that causes the major muscle groups to contract. Whilst many gymnasts use their own body weight as a form of resistance, there are a number useful products, such as the Gymnastics Kinetic Bands, that provide the external resistance need to increase strength, tone and endurance.

Resistance training plays an essential role in gymnastics. Not only does resistance training enhance performance, it also works to unlock a plethora of benefits for both amateur and elite gymnasts.

The benefits of resistance training

There are a number of techniques that are deemed useful and effective for creating resistance, improving muscle strength and enhancing elasticity. Just one of the benefits of resistance training for gymnasts is the improvement of balance, one factor that is integral to success when using the balance beam. In addition to enhancing beam balance and perfecting performance from the grassroots up, resistance training, particularly with the use of Gymnastics Kinetic Bands, allows the gymnast to improve muscle and wider body control to unlock full motion.

Resistance training has also been proven to enhance performance whilst carrying out floor exercises. Thanks to an improved level of flexibility, gymnasts can boost jumping height, enhance speed and complete a greater number of rotations.

Techniques can also be improved when working on the vault, uneven bars, rings and high bar, with gymnasts able to strengthen the muscles to increase skill level on these vital pieces of apparatus.

The role of Gymnastics Kinetic Bands in training

Whilst working with your own body weight enables you to achieve a certain level of resistance, using Gymnastics Kinetic Bands on the lower part of your body can improve strength further without putting additional and unnecessary stress and strain on the joints.

The use of Kinetic Bands also makes resistance training much safer, decreasing the chances of you sustaining one of the many injuries that commonly occur in gymnastics. It’s important to remember that no one is immune to injury, and with the correct level of resistance training and a personalised routine that complements your goals and current fitness level you can improve strength, increase confidence and make your body much more limber.

Again the use of Gymnastics Kinetic Bands when training on the balance beam, floor, uneven bars, rings, high bar or vault can improve performance further, whether you are a beginner or an elite performer.

Why choose Myosource Gymnastics Kinetic Bands?

Myosource Kinetic Bands has been working with a range of athletes since the company’s foundation. Their comprehensive list of products has enabled performers across a number of sporting disciplines to perfect their skills whilst making the vital resistance training process fun and effective.

Their flagship Gymnastics Kinetic Bands should form an essential part of any gymnast’s journey to elite status. The bands are available in two forms, one for users weighing less than 7.85 stone and another product for those weighing 7.85 stone or more.

The bands are designed to improve flexibility and balance during training, and can be used on the lower body to increase strength in the legs, hips and core. As well as being used in warm-up and cool down routines, these kinetic bands for gymnasts can be utilised in conjunction with specific apparatus, giving you all you need to perfect your skills on the beam, floor, high bar, uneven bars, rings or vault.

Myosource Gymnastics Kinetic Bands are ideal for increasing confidence, strength, flexibility and balance whilst reducing the risk of injury.

How to use Gymnastics Kinetic Bands

Despite their many benefits, Gymnastics Kinetic Bands are particularly easy to use. Simply secure both straps on each leg one inch above your knee, ensuring that the metal rings are on the outside of each leg. Now fit the resistance bands to these rings, the longer band should be attached to the front rings whilst the shorter band should be adhered to the back rings. Now you can train as normal.

Each leg strap is fully adjustable meaning gymnasts of all ages and abilities can incorporate Gymnastics Kinetic Bands into their training regime. Gymnastics Kinetic Bands are also particularly portable meaning you can use these anywhere, whether you are practicing at home or in the gym.

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  • Author: John Bracegirdle - Cheshire
    Excellent service, very quick despatch - very pleased with the Kinetic Bands - thank you.

  • Author: Bev - Chorley
    I found some products I wanted on the Elite Gymnastics website, but had some questions before I purchased them as they were for general leg strength training, not for gymnastics. I called but there was no answer, however they called me back within a few minutes and were very helpful in helping me with my queries. The service is excellent, I received the products quickly and so far I am very pleased with them.

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