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MSD-Band Premium Loops (Gymnastics Conditioning and CrossFit)

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Product Description

MSD-Band Loops are a small but effective instrument for stretching and strengthening all muscle groups. Easy to use! The Resistance Band Exercise Loops are made for gymnastics conditioning, rehab and training exercises.


Colour Width
Length Thickness Approx Resistance
Yellow (Light) 2.5cm 28cm 0.1cm 5-15lb
Red (Medium) 2.5cm 28cm 0.15cm 15-30lb
Green (Heavy) 2.5cm 28cm 0.2cm 30-50lb
Blue (Extra Strong) 2.5cm 28cm 0.3cm 50-70lb

MSD-Band Premium Loops are extremely easy to use and can be combined with your current training regime to increase strength and endurance. In addition to adapting standard workouts for more specialist outcomes, the resistance loops can be used in rehabilitation and physical therapy to improve the condition of your body further.

The high quality, natural latex loop is designed for exercising a number of muscle groups and tendons giving stretching and strengthening results. Resistance loop users can also say ‘bye bye’ to common conditions like hamstring and thigh muscle injuries as continued loop training will improve strength and prepare these muscles for intense exercise.

For those who have suffered injury, using MSD-Band Premium Loops can be the ideal way to ease your body back into exercise, whilst reducing the risk of injury and increasing recovery time in the long run.

The use of resistance loops in rehabilitation

Since their invention in 1980, resistance loops and the wider range of band products have been utilised heavily across the world of sport. The resistance loop is particularly versatility and can be used as part of a strengthening regime or rehabilitation programme.

Whilst the use of the resistance loop in gymnastics and weight lifting is associated with the improvement of muscle endurance and strength, it can also be used to enhance a low impact aerobic workout during rehabilitation.

Exercises using MSD-Band Premium Loops

As we’ve explained there are an endless amount of exercises that can be adapted to incorporate MSD-Band Premium Loops.

The hamstring and calf stretch is a basic exercise that provides maximum benefits for gymnasts and other sports people. Simply lie flat on your back, keeping your hips to the floor and loop the band around one leg. Bring this leg up until you feel a stretch in the muscle. Repeat this point and stretch motion 10 times. The hamstring and calf stretch is the perfect addition to any warm-up and improves flexibility as well as providing relief from lower back pain.

What force can be generated with loops?

The force generated by resistance loops depends entirely on the product type chosen. MSD-Band Premium Loops are colour coded to make your choice of thickness and resistance level even easier.

The yellow loops are lightweight, combining the standard width of 2.5cm and the standard length of 28cm with 0.1cm thickness to produce resistance of between 5 and 15lbs. Further up the scale, you’ll find the blue coloured loops, which are classed as ‘extra strong’. These loops combine the standard width and length with a 0.3cm thickness providing resistance up to 70lbs.

Which loop type is right for me?

The differences in thickness available from MSD-Band ensure that you can find the right level of resistance for you, whether you are using the loop for body conditioning or rehabilitation. Depending on their colour and associated thickness, resistance band exercise loops provide a gradual challenge and a safe way to build muscle strength for gymnasts everywhere.

MSD-Band Premium Loops come in a number of colours and strengths, however, many gymnasts find that the lightweight bands are more suitable for wrist and arm exercises. The heavy duty loops offer an effective level of resistance for larger muscles found in the legs and back.

Choosing the right resistance loop for you depends entirely on your current body strength and your aims.

The benefits of using MSD-Band Premium Loops

The advantages of using resistance loop bands for exercise or physical therapy are endless. Unlike the heavy and large weights traditionally used in training, MSD-Band Premium Loops are lightweight and easily transportable, meaning you don’t have to carry unnecessary loads on your way to the gym or arena.

As well as being extremely easy to use, MSD-Band Premium Loops are also very safe and focus on gradual training to ensure those important muscle groups are eased into exercise and develop at a rate that you are comfortable with whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Made from premium quality natural latex, the material used to make all MSD-Band products is sustainably sourced so you can look after your body and the planet! Keep your workout cost efficient, creative and effective with MSD-Band Premium Loops.

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  • Author: Jane Walker - Medlock Gymnastic Academy
    Item arrived quick, packaged very well. Product great and as expected. Would recommend.

  • Author: john bell
    Another must for gymnasts.great quality

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