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Block Chalk 120g


Block Chalk (formerly called Beta Chalk) is compressed, so one block (slightly smaller in size than a standard 56 gram block of chalk) actually contains more than twice as much magnesium carbonate by weight. This is further split into individual 'chalk sticks' so you can easily pull out just the amount you need. Its compact size makes it ideal for long trips to hot countries, where you need to take a lot of chalk with you, it is simply pure magnesium carbonate to keep your hands dry.

There are a couple of things to consider when buying chalk. Some chalk contains a drying agent, which is very effective at keeping your hands dry, but can cause your hands to dry out and your skin to crack, especially if you have sensitive skin. Generally use of a good hand moisturiser (eg Climb On!) after a gymnastic session sorts out this problem.

The Block is a 100% Magnesium Carbonate chalk block, specifically developed for gymnastics, rock climbing and other grip-sential sports. This block chalk comes from one of the oldest 'chalk' producers in the world and is guaranteed to be THE best pure magnesium carbonate available.

Something you may not know: most chalk used to come from Italy, and was as pure as the driven snow. As price became more and more of an issue most manufacturers began sourcing their chalk from the Far East. Whilst this chalk is still perfectly good, it is harder to absolutely guarantee it does not contain impurities and/or bulking agents. Therefore, Beta Block is certainly the best product and best value chalk available for those who wish to guarantee they get 100% Magnesium Carbonate.

  • Chalk Block 120g.
  • High Quality Magnesium Carbonate Chalk.
  • The block is split into tabs for ease of splitting.
  • Use as many tabs as necessary in your chalk bag.
    • Made in Barcelona.

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