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Reichelsport Handguards for Uneven Bars (Double Buckle)

  • Guard Sizes
  • Guard Sizes
  • Guard Sizes
  • Guard Sizes
  • Guard Sizes

  • Reichelsport Double Buckle Handguards and grips for Uneven Bars


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Guard Sizes

Product Description

Reichelsport handguards are made in Germany for many years.They are worn by many Olympics winners, world champions and have a worldwide reputation for unbeaten quality.

High-quality 2 hole Reichelsport dowel handguards for Uneven Bars with double buckle sewn on and high-performance tanned leather.

  • 2 finger holes
  • Double buckle straps (sewn on) with dowel
  • Specially tanned leather for high-performance
  • Made in Germany

Sold as a pair.

Shipping Note: To avoid disappointment we suggest pre-ordering this product as soon as possible so we can ship when we receive our initial stock. Product might be dispatched earlier than estimated.

Handguard Sizing Chart

Measure from base of palm (first skin fold of the wrist) to base of middle finger.  Determine the right size with help of the table below.

Sizes Centimeter
0 15 cm
1 16 cm
2 17 cm
3 18 cm
4 19 cm


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