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Spenco 2nd Skin Dressing 1 Inch Squares (200) Blister Protection

Spenco 2nd Skin Dressing 1 Inch Squares (200) Blister Protection


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Zinc Oxide Tape?

Product Description

Spenco 2nd Skin® Squares protect against blisters. Made mostly from water to cool and soothe on contact, the dressings won’t stick to the skin. They are intended for use to help protect against hot spots, friction and pressure, reducing the chance of blisters and skin irritation perfect for gymnasts hands. Jar format is ideal for use in gyms.

How to use: 

Remove the blue backing and apply gel to the skin. Secure 2nd Skin® Square with zinc oxide tape. If 2nd Skin® Square dries on the skin, simply soak it with clean water. It can then be easily removed. Change 2nd Skin® Squares daily.


1. Cut hydrogel to desired size.
2. Remove backing and apply gel to the skin.
3. Secure hydrogel with zinc oxide adhesive tape.
4. If hydrogel dries on the skin, simply soak it with clean water. It can then be easily removed.
5. Change daily

Recommended for:

Prevention of skin pressure, rubbing, chafing, and blisters. Jar format is ideal for use in gymnastic
centres or simply to have in your kit bag. This product is not sterile so please don’t use them on
open wounds.


Hydrogel pads made out of at 95% pure water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soothing and cooling
  • Non-irritant
  • Odorless
  • Provides instant relief
  • Protects and cushions

What are the 2nd Skin squares?

The 2nd Skin dressing squares are hydrogel pads that have been specially designed to protect against blisters.

When can I use the 2nd Skin squares?

Use the 2nd Skin squares to help protect against blisters and to prevent skin pressure, rubbing and chafing.

How do the 2nd Skin squares work?

The 2nd Skin squares are made mostly from water, which helps to soothe and cool the skin on contact.

Container includes: 

200 gel squares (non-sterile). 1 inch x 1 inch / 2.5cm x 2.5cm.

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