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Steroplast Premium Zinc Oxide Tape

Steroplast Premium Zinc Oxide Tape


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Product Description

A skin friendly, very strong strapping tape for professional Gymnasts:

The best quality most popular premium sports strapping tape with zinc oxide adhesive that is skin friendly.

The material has a particularly high tensile strength and is completely without elasticity. Premium Sports Tape features extremely strong adhesion.
The thickness of the adhesive coating ensures that Premium Sports Tape adheres securely to the skin or underwrap.

Whilst more expensive than standard zinc oxide tape, it is essential for gymnasts demanding a high performance tape and do not want the tape to be visible for competitions.

  • Premium sports tape is made from 100% rayon fabric coated with a zinc oxide adhesive.
  • The thickness of the adhesive coating ensures that premium sports tape adheres securely to the skin or underwrap.
  • 38mm wide and 13.7m long.

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  • Author: Heidi Seager - City of Newcastle Gymnastics
    I contacted elite gymnastics after my daughter had injured her ankle and needed tan coloured premium zinc oxide tape and underwrap. She was entering a competition and so she needed the supplies quickly. I was given great advice and support over the telephone and the tapes arrived really quickly. Thanks for an efficient and reliable service. Parent of CNGA gymnast!

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