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Beginner Palm Handguards

Beginner Palm Handguards

Purchasing your first real leather palm handguards is normally the first step in wearing specialised gymnastic or crossfit hand protection. The fingers are intended to go right through to the base and provide better hand protection for the palms and avoiding injury and hand calluses. Our handguards are manufactured from the finest quality soft leather which allows more feel of the bar.


  • Manique Finger Wedgies

    Instead of stuffing lumps of pit foam in grip holes, manique have created these simple, neat and effective “Finger Wedgies”.

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  • Wristbands - 100 Percent Cotton Double Length 2 Pack (1 Pair)

    These are worn underneath the handguards on the wrist. Made in the United Kingdom from 100% pure cotton and woven elastics.

    The materials and design ensure a really comfortable secure fit and easily absorbs perspiration unlike synthetic or mixed cotton material wristbands. They wash well, over and over again, so keep them clean and they will last longer!
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  • Bailie Palm Handguards for Beginners

    This basic palm handguard is designed for the recreational gymnast. This soft leather, no dowel grip with a velcro strap is designed to protect the palm of the hand. NOTE: Available in 2 different colours.

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  • Reichelsport Leather Palm Handguards

    High-quality 2 hole Reichelsport handguards with green velcro fastening and real gray leather.

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