Camp Chalk Block 56g
This chalk is a particularly pure form of magnesium carbonate, offering outstanding results for our gymnasts. There are a couple of things to consider when buying chalk. Some chalk contains a drying agent, which is very effective at keeping your...
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Beta Chalk Block 120g
Beta Block Chalk is compressed, so one block (slightly smaller in size than a standard 56 gram block of chalk) actually contains more than twice as much magnesium carbonate by weight. This is further split into individual 'chalk sticks' so...
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Beta Gymnastics Chalk Ball 60g
The Beta chalk ball is a 100% Magnesium Carbonate chalk crushed from blocks, specifically developed for gymnastics, rock climbing and other grip-sential sports. The best pure magnesium carbonate available from the Dolomites in Italy. 60g Chalk Ball. Within a mesh...
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Gorilla Grip Premium Refillable Chunky Gymnast Chalk Ball
Superior competition performance chalk, pure magnesium carbonate fine powder in a soft mesh, can be opened if you want more chalk on your guards and less messy than traditional powdered chalk! Suitable and safe for Gymnastics use, Rock Climbing, Weight...
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Beta Gymnastics Chalk Crushed Blocks 120g
Beta Gymnastics Chalk Crushed Blocks is compliant with ISO 9002 standards, is certified by IQnet and is Food Grade Quality. We do our best to get the best chalk for all ages!..The Beta Block is a 100% Magnesium Carbonate chalk...
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Snap Crunchy Chalk 125g
The Snap Crushed Chalk is high quality chalk, ideal for filling up your chalk bag. Plus, it comes in a recyclable paper bag so you can do your bit for the planet, perfect. 125g. High quality magnesium carbonate climbers chalk....
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Used across multiple sports, chalk is an essential part of maintaining safety, minimising injury and remaining in peak physical condition. Available as loose powder, chunky bits, ball or in a bag for a mess free alternative, chalk is a common accessory throughout gymnastics facilities across the globe, from training gyms to competition arenas.

Gymnastics Chalk

Our gymnastics chalk products are the very best on the market, and have helped gymnasts of all abilities refine their skills and take them to a competitive environment with confidence. Available in chunky bits or in a refillable chalk ball and block, our gymnast chalk products are available from just £2.50 and utilise 100% magnesium carbonate to unlock the purest form of protection.

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