Tape Grips (3 Pack)
Our tape grips are unique - they protect the athletes’ hands. They have been developed specifically for high intensity workouts; you can train longer because your hands are protected. The superior comfort of the soft fabric reduces irritation on the...
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Straps for Strap Bar (3 Sets)
Swing strap bar knowing you're secure and comfortable. Feeling not just safe, but protected. No pain on your wrists and the perfect fit every time - 3 pairs of Straps for Strap Bar! Safe and Comfortable. The Gym Kiwis Straps for Strap...
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Board Band
Tired of kicking in the Safety Zone after EVERY Vault?? The Board Band holds the sides of the Safety Zone against the board, allowing no gaps reducing the risk of injury, and a time saver between vaults.   The Board Band slips over...
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