Manique Bar Loops - 2 Pack (1 Pair)
Specified for use under the coaches supervision, bar loops are used to provide security during metal bar training. Bar loops are available in a range of sizes; stock sizes are from 23cm to 36cm but typical sizes are often around...
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Panda Paw Wrist Supports
Panda Paws are our special gloves that support weakened wrists or for use whilst you recover from injury. Originally designed for gymnasts and aerobatic tumblers, they’re now used across a wide range of sports and applications. Although Panda Paws are...
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Manique Finger Wedgies
Instead of stuffing lumps of pit foam in grip holes, manique have created these simple, neat and effective “Finger Wedgies”.They have been designed to pop easily into the holes and can be used on any brand of grip. They fill...
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Manique Classic Uneven Bar Handguards (Velcro and Buckle)
The Manique Classic Range, british made guards for gymnasts of all levels. The handguard comes in sizes 000 to 4. This dowel handguard is recommended for gymnasts at any level of competitive gymnastics. Options Available Velcro fastening is a single...
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