Flexibility Stretching Strap for Gymnastics
Gymnastics is known for its intensity and whatever your ability, the sport utilises every major muscle group found in the body, from the upper torso and core muscles to hip, leg and arm muscles. It is therefore important to follow...
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Gymnastics Kinetic Bands
Resistance training involves any exercise that causes the major muscle groups to contract. Whilst many gymnasts use their own body weight as a form of resistance, there are a number useful products, such as the Gymnastics Kinetic Bands, that provide...
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TumblePro X (Ankle Straps)
Tumbling is an essential part of gymnastics, and whilst it may sound as if not a lot of skill is required, completing tumbling exercises safely and precisely takes a lot of practice. Known across the world of gymnastics as power...
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Stretch Band for Gymnastics Flexibility, Dance and Cheer
Increase Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer Flexibility Our stretch band is versatile and can help increase flexibility for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts. This easy to use stretch band is a strong seamless latex rubber loop; providing hands-free stretching when needed. Gymnastics Stretch Band for Flexibility Gymnasts...
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ArmPro Bands - Improve Arm Strength for Gymnastics
ArmPro Bands - Resistance Training Tool Designed to Increase Strength and Prevent Common Injuries.Resistance bands are used by gymnasts and athletes to improve strength in the arms and shoulders. ArmPro Bands are a useful tool for younger athletes to initiate...
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Exercise Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Non-Slip (Set of 4)
Fabric Resistance Bands for Leg and Butt Exercises Non Slip Our looped fabric exercise bands activate and strengthen legs, hips and glutes. This band set includes 4 color-coded resistance levels, suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced abilities. Fabric resistance...
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Myosource Dance Turning Board
Myosource’s Dance Turning Board is a great piece of equipment for any aspiring gymnast, dancer or athlete. It has been designed specifically to help you create muscle memory so your dance turns will steadily improve, even when you’re not using...
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Myosource Vitality Flex Long Fitness Band
Myosource’s Vitality Flex Long Fitness Band provides you with a comfortable workout that you don’t get from latex resistance bands. On the inside of each band there is a grip strip that allows the band to stay in place as...
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