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Whether you are looking to kit out a home gym or find the gymnastics equipment you need to strengthen your performance during practice at your local gym, our range of resistance training, flexibility training and bar training apparatus is a great place to start your search. We offer a diverse collection of gymnastics equipment for sale so that you can support your own goals and take on the physical demands so commonly associated with gymnastics.

Whatever your age, ability or specialism, our gymnastics equipment gives you the provisions and accessories you require to condition your body and ultimately compete. Choosing the right gymnastics equipment can be difficult without the right assistance, but you can rest assured that our team is knowledgeable enough to advise on your purchase so you can invest and use the equipment provided with confidence. Quality is one thing that we don’t compromise on at Elite Gymnastics, and our equipment has helped to train elite gymnasts at the top of their games and ambitious beginners just starting out.

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  • MSD-Band Premium Band (Sample)

    MSD-Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive exercise band.

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  • MSD-Band Premium Band (Gymnastics Conditioning and CrossFit)

    MSD-Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive exercise band.

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  • MSD-Band Premium Loops (Gymnastics Conditioning and CrossFit)

    MSD-Band Loops are a small but effective instrument for stretching and strengthening all muscle groups. Easy to use! The Resistance Band Exercise Loops are made for gymnastics conditioning, rehab and training exercises.

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  • Flexibility Stretching Strap for Gymnastics

    The flexibility Stunt Strap is a great stretching and warm-up tool for everyone. Proper stretching can increase flexibility and help reduce the risk of injury.

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  • Manique Bar Loops - 2 Pack (1 Pair)

    Bar loops are available in a range of sizes; stock sizes are from 23cm to 36cm but typical sizes are often around 28cm. Please ask your coach to size you up.

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  • Manique Bar Loop Gloves

    Manique Bar Loop Gloves (Pair)

    They have a wide wrist area for comfort in use.  Cotton absorbs moisture and provides a good low friction surface to help train using our bar loops. A better quality glove which has been proven to be preferred by most coaches over garden and magic gloves.

    These work beautifully and last really well.

    Sold as a pair

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  • TumblePro X (Ankle Straps)

    Tumbling is an essential part of gymnastics, and whilst it may sound as if not a lot of skill is required, completing tumbling exercises safely and precisely takes a lot of practice. Known across the world of gymnastics as power tumbling, tumbling is a major acrobatic discipline which combines the skills learnt in artistic gymnastics and trampolining.

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  • Mambo Max Wrist and Ankle Weights

    Building stamina and muscle is a difficult task, especially if it needs to be done quickly and effectively. The Mambo Max Wrist and Ankle Weights have been developed to make this task easier.

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  • Reichelsport Adjustable Safety Bar Loops

    For training on horizontal bar and uneven bars, In the case of appropriate use the fall is prevented, if the grasp separates from the device.

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  • Gymnastics Kinetic Bands

    Resistance training involves any exercise that causes the major muscle groups to contract. Whilst many gymnasts use their own body weight as a form of resistance, there are a number useful products, such as the Gymnastics Kinetic Bands, that provide the external resistance need to increase strength, tone and endurance.

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About Equipment

Gymnastics isn’t just an emotionally demanding sport, the physical demands placed on gymnasts of all ages, abilities and specialisms means that getting your body ready for training, let alone the competitive environment, is high on every gymnast’s list of priorities.

Whilst many individuals are familiar with common apparatus like the rings, highbar, uneven bars and pommel horse, the names and importance of certain training equipment can leave people clueless. Here at Elite Gymnastics, we supply a broad range of training products to ensure every gymnast, including beginners, elite performers and everyone in-between, has the equipment they need to successfully condition their bodies for optimum performance. From flexibility stunt straps and kinetic bands to MSD-Bands and ankle straps, we have all you require to begin or continue your journey to elite status within the world of gymnastics.


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