2Toms Skin-on-Skin Dressing 1 Inch Squares (200) Blister Protection

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2Toms Skin-On-Skin incorporates advanced formula hydrogel to provide long-lasting protection and flexibility second only to your own skin.

Soothing Protection

Skin-On-Skin provides superior cushioning and friction reduction and resists sweating and rubbing. Skin-On-Skin also hydrates and softens the skin, bringing instant relief for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone with skin irritation. Soothe blisters, chafing and stings instantly with Skin-On-Skin!

Skin-On-Skin creates a cushion to reduce the friction that often causes sweating, rubbing and irritation.

Why Is Skin-On-Skin Different?

The fast-acting hydrogel formulation provides superior moisture and healing, serving to “cool down” the affected area, providing temporary relief from pain and eimmediately beginning the healing process.

Skin-On-Skin Soothing Hydrogel Pads:
- Single use. Not to be used with open wounds.
- Can be trimmed to fit any area on the body.
- Resealable jar - Convenient for the gym; weight room, home or clinic.


Who Uses Skin-On-Skin?

Skin-On-Skin products are used by sports teams and active individuals at all levels but can be used by anyone who is experiencing one or more of the following skin issues:

- Blisters
- Minor dermal abrasions
- Activity related skin irritations
- Chafing
- Poison ivy
- Insect bites and stings


How to Apply:
- Each Hydrogel Pad is designed for Single Use Only.
- Remove a single Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Pad from package. Cut pad to desired size.
- Remove blue film from Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Pad and gently place on the area to be protected.
- Reseal the package with unused materials to maintain the integrity of the hydrogel pads for future use.

Do Not Use On Open Wounds. See your physician or medical professional for severe wounds, continued irritation, or injuries that may be a result of Diabetes. Never block air passages.

Skin-On-Skin products are often used by outdoor enthusiasts who need the best in blister care and poison ivy relief. Athletes use this product to protect skin from chafing and rubbing that may further irritate the area.

Contains water, polyethylene oxide and vitamin E.


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