Steroplast Zinc Oxide Tape
A skin friendly, strong strapping tape for all situations and recommended for RipGrip: The best quality most popular sports strapping tape, zinc oxide tape tears easily by hand along its length and width, without requiring scissors, whilst moulding to the...
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Steroplast Premium Zinc Oxide Tape
A skin friendly, very strong strapping tape for professional Gymnasts:The best quality most popular premium sports strapping tape with zinc oxide adhesive that is skin friendly.The material has a particularly high tensile strength and is completely without elasticity. Premium Sports...
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Sterotape-K Kinetic Kinesiology Muscle Tape
Kinesiology tape is used to give additional support and stability to muscles and joints without affecting the gymnasts range of movement or circulation. Sterotape-K is 100% latex free and so is perfect for sensitive skin and once applied can be...
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Steroplast Reusable Hot and Cold Pack
Reusable pack to help soothe muscular discomfort and help to reduce swelling and bruising. Great for treating a wide range of soft tissue injuries Soft, flexible, luxurious pack moulds to the problem area Effective for the relief from muscular pain...
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Steroplast Blister Cushion Gel Plasters (Pack of 4)
Whilst every gymnast is encouraged from the very start of their training to ‘get a grip on their rips’, blisters are a huge part of life for all, whether you are climbing through the ranks or at the top of...
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Steroplast Freeze Spray 150ml
Steroplast Freeze Spray offers instant relief for gymnasts of all abilities and ages. The spray actively works to cool the skin, ensuring that the muscle pain and stiffness that you are experiencing after training doesn’t prevent you returning to the...
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Steropad Low Adherent Double-Sided Absorbent Dressing - NHS Hospital Approved
Highly absorbent non adherent sterile dressing. Perforated film surface prevents the pad from sticking to the wound. Highly absorbent construction helps draw unwanted moisture away from the wound whilst providing cushioning protection. Non-adhesive.DetailsThese non-medicated, sterile dressings come individually wrapped. Placing...
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Steroplast Sport Massage Oil 300ml
Professionally blended using the highest grade natural ingredients, ready-to-use from the bottle.Pre Sport Massage OilThis pre-sport massage oil is specially formulated for use in warm-up massage before sport and exercise. The almond oil base provides a smooth emollient for the...
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Steroplast Instant Cold Ice Pack Single Use
The application of cold relieves pain, reduces bleeding and delays any inflammation. It is also useful in reducing swelling, usually in conjunction with compression, and assists clinicians in the rehabilitation process.DetailsSuitable for sports injuries, burns and other conditions where application...
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Coronavirus Protection Pack - Spray, Gels and Wipes
Gymnastics PPE pack is ideal for keeping hard surfaces disinfected and hands clean and is effective against Coronavirus.  PPE and infection control products are incredibly vital right now. It is important that your gym is kept COVID-19 secure and that you...
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