Rip Grip - Protection for Rips and Blisters


Rip Grip – Protection for Rips and Blisters during training for gymnastics, power lifting, crossfit, cross training, functional fitness, etc.

Active Ingredients: Allergen-Free Silicone Wax

What is Rip Grip?

Rip Grip is a silicone shield specifically designed to provide temporary comfort and protection from hand rips during training. Rip it, mould it, wrap and train! Originally formulated to keep gymnasts on the bars after a rip, Rip Grip works for any athlete with hand rips. More importantly, it won’t soften the skin on your hands. It comes in a handy box, is easy to apply, and lasts most athletes a long time!

How Rip Grip keeps you in training?

Rip Grip creates a friction resistant surface between your hand and grips to make training more comfortable. As you train, Rip Grip moulds to your grips and handguards instead of pulling or tearing your skin. It’s designed to move with your skin and rip without softening or weakening the skin in the process. Rip Grip keeps you off the bench and performing at your best! All you do is rip off a patch, mould it, wrap it with athletic tape, slip on your grips and train!

How to use Rip Grip?

  1. Wash and dry the affected area
  2. Bin the protective film
  3. Rip off one Rip Grip patch and mould into affected area (For best results, smooth down to approx. thickness of a 10p coin)
  4. Wrap area with athletic tape
  5. Enjoy!


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