Rip Guardian - Rip and Blister Protection Patches


Rip Guardian - Rip and Blister Protection Patches - The first ever, Comfortable, Reliable, Rip Protection.


What is RipGuardian?

RipGuardian is a specially formulated MHRA approved product for rip protection designed to protect rips. Ever since the sport of gymnastics came into existence gymnasts have been plagued by rips forcing them to be sidelined or (in extreme cases) forced to quit gymnastics altogether. With RipGuardian you don’t have to do either! Simply place a piece of RipGuardian over a rip, tape it up, slip on your handguards and get back on the bars! Doesn't expire and on average lasts most gymnasts a longtime!

How does RipGuardian Work?

RipGuardian creates an impact and friction resistant surface between your hand and handguard. Simply place one piece of RipGuardian over a rip, tape it up and slip on your handguards! RipGuardian is a moldable putty formula designed to move with your skin and your rip, making bar practices more comfortable. While swinging bars, your grip molds with the putty instead of pulling and tearing your skin. The movable surface reduces the effects of friction on the rip allowing you to perform your best. To apply RipGuardian, simply flatten the rip protection putty, apply to your ripped skin, wrap in athletic tape only, (no Band-Aids) strap on your grip and get back on the bars (As your coach would say)!

Nice Things Said About RipGuardian

Extremely quick delivery, ordered Sunday evening and arrived Tuesday morning. In addition, my daughter said that Rip Guardian worked really well and that her rips didn't get any worse after she had used it for the first time.

Mary Waddams
Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club

My mum bought RipGuardian the other day for me and it arrived two days before I got this rip. I am 10 years old and on National Squad - I train 24 hours a week and so getting rips is a frequent occurrence in my training (I get them at least once a month). I used a small piece of RipGuardian and was able to put it on myself using athletic tape to secure it. I must admit I was a bit sceptical as I hate wearing any kind of protection, but it was amazing! The day after I got this rip I was able to do a full bar session when normally I would have needed to stay off the equipment for a couple of days... It may seem a bit pricey but the amount you would use means it will last for ages and so worth every penny, delivery was really quick and I have told all the other girls in our squad about it.

Amelie Morgan
Level 2
Slough Gymnastics

We have been searching for this product for months but unable to find a source in the UK. Found it on Elitegymnastics site and the service was impeccable, I had Rip-Guardian in the gym bag the day after I purchased it. What a fabulous service, I would highly recommend Elitegymnastics!

Mandi Crocker
City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre

Wow - received the Rip Guardians next day, excellent service.
We've had these before, but ordered from USA, so we're please you're selling them in UK.
They need to be taped on well, but essentially they do the job & protect young gymnasts hands.
Thank you

Christine Whyte
Garstang School of Gymnastics

What's in the box?

  • 10 Non-toxic, latex free, silicone wax protection patches.
  • Clear plastic carry case.

How do I use Rip Guardian in 4 easy steps?

  1. Wash and dry affected area.
  2. Open carrying case and remove protective plastic film from the top and bottom of the entire block of RipGuardian.
  3. Place one RipGuardian patch over affected area and mold into skin with thumb (Hint: the patch should be smoothed down to about the thickness of a 10 pence coin).
  4. Cover protective patch with athletic tape to avoid peeling using the taping techniques from our videos below.

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