Tape Grips (3 Pack)

Our tape grips are unique - they protect the athletes’ hands. They have been developed specifically for high intensity workouts; you can train longer because your hands are protected. The superior comfort of the soft fabric reduces irritation on the skin. The unique design is flexible and durable – the tape grips don’t fold, bunch or tear under the guard and they retain their original shape.


Not only do the tape grips protect your hands from friction injury you can enjoy a more productive workout – allowing you to put your effort into perfecting your skills. No downtime and pain due to ripped skin.
The strength of the material allows you to reuse the tape grips multiple times.

Tired of the skin on your hands ripping and stopping your practice?

  • Achieve your goals without ripped, hot or callused hands getting in the way!
  • Maximise each practice with more effective turns on the apparatus!
  • Save your time and your coach’s time during a workout!
  • One Size Fits All!
  • Prevents rips and calluses and protects sensitive skin! Comfortable and reusable!


  • Fits all hands
 - Tested on Gymnasts at all ages and all levels.
 From beginners to professionals, our tape grips are essential during any workout or event.
  • 100% Cotton - Made from 100% cotton, the smooth, soft material provides comfort while the strength supports vigorous activity.
  • Easy to apply
 - Simply loop your finger through the eye of the tape grip and secure with athletic tape at the wrist.
  • Versatile
 - Can be worn on all events. Wherever you have a rip or callus that’s preventing and hindering your workout, our tape grips are here to help!

Benefits of Tape Grip?

  1. Prevents and Protects rips, calluses, and sensitive skin.
  2. Time Saver.
  3. Easy to apply.
  4. 3 per pack.
  5. Durable - Doesn't fold, roll, and tear like comparable tape grips.
  6. Reusable - lasts up to 3-6 months depending on use.
  7. Comfortable - smooth and soft cotton allows gentle protection on the injured area of skin.

Prevents rips and calluses and protects sensitive skin! Comfortable and reusable!


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