US Glove Hot Shot Gymnastic Handguards for Uneven Bars (Velcro and Padded Wrist Cuff)


US Glove Hot Shot Gymnastic Handguards for Uneven Bars (Velcro and Padded Wrist Cuff)

The Ladies Hot Shot Hook and Loop Gymnastic Handguards are designed for gymnasts with bodyweight under 70 (30kg). For gymnasts with a bodyweight between 70 lbs (30kg) and 120 lbs (55kg), we recommend the Hot Shots with a leather cuff.

The regular Hot Shot is designed with a narrow palm made from a lightweight leather that allows for easier break-in. The palm of the grip features a red leather sewn on dowell and is attached to a padded wrist cuff to eliminate wrist chaffing. 

Fastening the grip to the wrist is easy with a genuine high-quality red hook and loop Fastener rated for 10,000 cycles. US Glove's innovative finger locking system helps keep the fingers from slipping out of the finger holes during use. We recommend the use of wristbands with these hand grips for added comfort. US Glove sizing is different from grip to grip. Please make sure you're ordering the correct size for your grip!

  • Made from high quality lightweight leather, the Hot Shot Padded Velcro grip features a narrow, curved palm piece and red leather wrapped, sewn on dowel.

  • Featuring the most narrow palm piece we offer, the Hot Shot line of grips are perfect for gymnasts just starting with dowel grips as well as those who prefer to feel more of the bar with their palm.

  • The Hot Shot Padded Velcro grip is perfect for gymnasts with small hands and/or wrists. This design is available in our smallest sizes and features a sewn in neoprene cuff for added comfort, support, and padding for even the youngest gymnast learning to swing big!

  • Our innovative finger locking system helps minimise shifting and keeps the fingers from slipping out of the finger holes during use.

To order Hot Shot Grips, take a measurement, in inches or centimetres, from the wrist to tip of the middle finger. If you're uncertain as to which grip you should purchase please call one of our team members at 0191 580 5050 for assistance.

Order the size closest to your hand measurement. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size. If you are uncertain whether you have measured correctly, please give us a call and we will walk you through how best to size. Following this size chart does not guarantee a perfect fit as there are dimensions to the hand and several ways to wear guards that cannot be taken into account in a size chart. Only gymnasts and coaches can make proper judgement as to size.

Handguard Sizing Chart

Measure from base of palm to tip of longest finger.

Sizes Inches
5” (13cm and smaller)
5 3/8” (13.0-14.2cm)
0 5 7/8” (14.2-15.1cm)
6 1/8” (15.1-15.9cm)


Sold as a pair.


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