WOD & Done Thumb Strips


No matter what technique you're trying to master, whether it be forward giants, snatches or clean and jerks, WOD & Done Thumb Strips offer ultimate protection for your thumbs with an easy application every time. The skin-tight, pre-cut thumb strips have been specially engineered to mold to your thumbs unique anatomy whilst still allowing for a full range of motion. Featuring a strong adhesive to prevent them from slipping so there is never a need to reapply them mid-workout.

  • WOD & Done Thumb Strips provide ultra-thin, flexible protection
  • Specially designed to protect your thumbs without limiting movement
  • 32 pre-cut strips in each roll
  • Easy application every time
  • Tough enough for competitions & durable enough for daily workouts
  • Hypoallergenic & Sanitary

Designed specifically for your thumbs
WOD & Done Thumb Strips measure 2 inches by 6 inches (5.08cm x 15.24cm). They have been specifically designed to be exactly the right size and length for your thumbs to offer maximum protection without compromising your movement. Therefore you get exactly the right fit every time, without ever having to cut the strips.

Easy application
Engineered using a specially designed kinesiology-type material, WOD & Done Thumb Strips allow for a full range of motion that you often don't get from alternative thumb strips. Just apply a slight amount of tension as you wrap the strip around your thumb. This provides you with all of the protection and grip you need, whether you're competing or just working out. All without cutting off your circulation or imparing your movement.

From cleans or snatches to heavy deadlifts, WOD & Done Thumb Strips will handle anything you put them through. Thanks to the specially designed kinesiology type material, these strips are both tough and durable.

Hypoallergenic & Sanitary
In contrast to many reusable alternatives, these pre-cut, latex-free, vegan thumb strips offer you a hygienic way to protect your hands. Without having to deal with bad odors and exposure to germs.


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