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Tumbling is an essential part of gymnastics, and whilst it may sound as if not a lot of skill is required, completing tumbling exercises safely and precisely takes a lot of practice. Known across the world of gymnastics as power tumbling, tumbling is a major acrobatic discipline which combines the skills learnt in artistic gymnastics and trampolining.

The art of tumbling is practiced by both male and female gymnasts, and tumbling well can often mean the difference between getting the gold and settling for bronze at a competitive level. Whilst tumbling is traditionally practised on a spring track, many tumbling elements are being integrated into beam and vault routines, making it even more important that gymnasts of all ages and abilities hone this skill.

The basics of tumbling

There are a number of tumbling moves that must be honed to demonstrate the repertoire required at a professional level. Basic tumbling moves include:

  • Fulls – double full, standing full and front full
  • Cartwheels
  • Roundoffs – including the roundoff back handspring
  • Layouts
  • Barani
  • Whip
  • Doublebacks
  • Front walkovers

There are many more basic tumbling moves that must be mastered by both male and female gymnasts.

Getting started with tumbling training

All tumblers must perfect their skills and condition their bodies appropriately before launching into this discipline both in practice and at competition level. Enhancing flexibility through resistance training is an essential part of gymnastics, and will ensure that your body is sufficiently prepared for the intense level of training required and in turn, protected against the common injuries sustained by gymnasts.

In addition to using your own body weight to aid resistance training, there are a series of products that can be used throughout your workout to perfect your skills further. Enhancing flexibility in the back and shoulders, and improving muscle strength in the back, arms and legs will give you the foundation to complete tumbling moves and create the required shapes.

Warming up and cooling down after exercise is also an important aspect of improving safety, and without these precautions serious injury can be easily sustained.

Staying disciplined during tumbling

As well as using resistance bands during training to ensure your body has the muscle strength to command basic tumbling moves, TumblePro X ankle straps can be used. As the name suggests TumblePro X ankle straps are worn to keep the ankles and feet together during practice, so that tumbles, like the standing back tuck and the standing back handspring, can be carried out accurately.

Tumbling at competition level is particularly complex, and competitors are scored for their routines across two passes, each of which should finish with a dismount. Depending on the level you are competing at, there will be a choice of what skills need to be performed, however, generally in international gymnastics competitions a pass must contain at least three double somersaults.

Competitors are scored for their execution (which includes the analysis of form, body position and dismount) and difficulty, making the role of the ankle straps in training even more essential.

Why choose TumblePro X ankle straps?

Staying disciplined for competitions is of course important, and learning such disciplines should form a vital part of your training. As well as keeping your feet and ankles together during certain moves, the use of TumblePro X ankle straps can also improve presentation particularly when delivering standing back tucks and standing back handsprings. The ankle straps are excellent for encouraging muscle memory and can therefore be utilised across all muscle-related tasks and resistance activities in a repetitive manner.

TumblePro X ankle straps can also be used across a range of sports where tumbling is required. For example, cheerleading, acrobatics, diving, trampolining and dancing are all sports that require some form of tumbling ability.

Tumbling training safety

Remember to put safety first when tumbling, whether you are using the TumblePro X ankle straps in your routine or not. Always practice under supervision, preferably by a trained and experienced spotter. When it comes to technique take guidance from the best, as being taught by a qualified coach will ensure you learn tried and tested tumbling techniques and protect yourself from injury in the same breath.

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